Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weatherization for Renters, er, Rentals

It has not seemed fair to me that there are so many weatherization programs for homeowners, but none for renters . . or so I thought.

In Corvallis, somewhere around 54% of the population are renters. I expect this number to be higher when the 2010 US Census comes out. Still, it's a significant number.

I learned last week that renters can call Community Services Consortium (CSC), 541-752-1010, and see if they qualify to have a few simple weatherization upgrades done to the property they occupy. Don't expect new windows; think weatherstripping, caulking, maybe even duct sealing. Every little bit helps to keep you warmer, with fewer drafts, and perhaps a lower heating bill. Give 'em a call!

And now for a musical interlude (to the Beetles tune, Blackbird) . . . Bed bugs crawling through my bed at night, take a bite and say goodbye . . .

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